Re: need to spam 1000 people

From: J.O. Aho (
Date: 11/20/03

Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2003 10:26:24 +0100

Nikolai Chuvakhin wrote:
> "NotGiven" <> wrote in message
> news:<1BRub.430$>...
>>need to send email to 1000 addresses (currently in MS Excel)-
>>what's the best way to do that, create a mail forma and paste
>>ALL 1000 addresses in the TO field?
> Assuming your mailing is properly solicited, the "To: " field
> should contain only one address, yours (just so that you can
> confirm that the message has in fact been sent). Recipient's
> addresses should go into the "Bcc: " field, separated by commas.
> This way, the size of outgoing message will be smaller, plus
> the receipients won't see who else received the mailing.

Good to know that that kind of spam won't reach me, as SMTP is blocking BCC
mail, checking that the to address is really a user on the system to where the
mail is sent.

> As to "the best way", you forgot to tell us one thing: the best
> way to do WHAT? One-time mailing? Occasional mailings with
> human-generated content? Periodic mailings with database-
> generated content? Something else?

Just looking at the topic, seems to be one time spam and spam ain't nothing
that people wants to have.