Re: consume ASP.NET web service with PHP

Matt wrote:

> Alright, the web service creates an xml based document called a
> WSDL i believe. Not positive but i think this is what is used to
> consume it in PHP. This web service will simply query a database. All
> the PHP page has to do is pull the info as a string and display it
> somewhere on the page. Does this help any?

Does PHP query the WSDL file, or does the ASP service query the PHP
script? If ASP is making a request to the PHP script, then it should
just be a matter of using the parameters to generate the output. If PHP
is making a request to the WSDL, then you'd have to parse the file,
generate the output, then send it to the destination whether that be
simply printing it out or using something like curl to send it elsewhere.

I've never worked with ASP or .NET (at all), so I don't know exactly
what needs to be done. You may also want to take a look at the dotnet
extension for PHP: (especially the
user-submitted comments).


Justin Koivisto, ZCE - justin@xxxxxxxxx