Re: problem displaying pdfs from mysql

monomaniac21 wrote:
Cheers Rik is that also required for displaying jpgs and stuff? i dont
remember using it.

Not for images, no. Allthough some browsers (I know IE does) display pdf's,
it's not HTML, it's officially not for a browser to handle. Browsers can
display HTML and other "simple" files (for instance XML, TXT, all files
easily made in notepad and the like), and (most) images.

Other files have to be first downloaded and then displayed with other
programs. IE uses an external pdf-reader (normally acrobat), but pretends it
is capable of displaying pdf's by running the program "inline" (for lack of
a better word, my english is limited). Hence the confusion.

That's putting it simple. I'm sure there are people on this ng that DO know
what they are talking about who can correct me, but this explanation has
sufficed for me so far :-)

Rik Wasmus