Re: mail function

Bent Stigsen wrote:
maya wrote:

I'm learning how to send mail with php...

only thing that mystifies me a bit is I can't get NAME of sender to
appear in e-mail INBOX under "from"... I only see e-mail address.. I'm
coming from Java, with Java you can set it up so whatever user puts
under "name" in the form you can grab and in e-mail INBOX under "from"
you see sender's name, not e-mail address.. I would like to be able to
do this with php.. I've looked at various tutorials, and so far can't
see how you can do this.. thank you..

If you use the mail-function, then there is an example of this in the

From "Example 4.":
$headers .= 'From: Birthday Reminder <birthday@xxxxxxxxxxx>' . "\r\n";


thank you very much Bent...

I have:

$sendername = $_GET['name'];
$email = $_GET['email'];
$headers = 'From: $sendername <$email>' . "\r\n";

in email INBOX it says from $sendername (literally, does not print name...)

if I do

$headers .= 'From: $sendername <$email>' . "\r\n";

(add the '.' right before '=' like in example you cited..)
I get an error (undefined var in line where $header var is declared..)

I'm new to php.. and I would like to know, please, why is there a '.' sometimes before '='.. what is this for.. (it's not working for me right now, though..)

one thing that I find weird about php is how you can print vars inside or outside quotes... i.e., if I want to print a variable with some html I have to include in quotes not only the html (which makes sense), but also the variable, for example:

echo $x; // if I want to add some html here I have to do

echo "$x<br>"; // I think this is very weird..

I'm used to Java, in which you would do:

out.print(varName + "<br>"); // :)

thank you very much....