Re: Recruiting a PHP Programmer

Visionary wrote:

I'm the webmaster/team lead at, and I'm currently on
the hunt for a PHP programmer to join the team. I've been spreading
myself quite thin lately, and aside from that I enjoy having a good
solid team to work with. If you're at all interested, send an email to
team@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx with reference to your skill level and any
projects you may have worked on.

I should note that this is not a paid position, though I would not rule
out possible future earnings if the goals I have set for AVLabs Design
reaches fruition. If you're accepted onto the team, you will have a few
benefits of course:

You'd be a part of a serious team.
You'd be a part of serious projects.
Personal email
Personal member page (planned to be a profile/blog hybrid of sorts).

I would be very happy to have a new member or two who is at *least*
highly familiar with PHP, though I would settle for someone in the
novice range as well.


Sorry, I'm a programmer, not a bank. I get paid for my services; I don't "loan" them out with the "possibility" of being paid later.

I like to eat, also. You want serious programmers? Pay serious money.

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Jerry Stuckle
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