Re: Carriage returns

On Wed, 21 Jun 2006 08:15:50 -0700, Dan Pearce wrote:
$search = array ('\n\n');

I have also tried \n, \r, \n\r etc... in place of \n\n but to no avail.

Two things:

1) I'd try "\r\n\r\n", Windows users (which I'd imagine your
no-computer-knowledge people are) using notepad inserts \r\n for a
carriage return.

2) Use double quotes instead of single quotes. Try the following script
using PHP CLI:

print "Two blanks lines with double quotes:";
print "\n\n";
print "Two blanks lines with single quotes:";
print '\n\n';

$ php test2.php
Two blanks lines with double quotes:

Two blanks lines with single quotes:\n\n

\n's aren't interpreted within single quotes, so it searches for the
literal string slash-n not a newline char.

Can anyone help me with this?

I hope the above helps. In future though, rather than guessing at line
endings using a hex editor may help ;-)



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