Re: Help with mail() - message not displaying

My apologies for the first response. Felt so bad that I cracked open
phpmailer to glance at its code to see if any obvious differences stood
out. I don't have any experience with this particular problem and
prefer my email in good old plain text, so that's about the best I can

I did notice that phpmailer does encode some parts of the message. I
refer specifically to this line of code:

@mail($to, $this->EncodeHeader($this->Subject), $body, $header,

Could it be an encoding problem, specifically something somewhere not
being encoded in the right way?

If that doesn't help, my further apologies. I'll let the experts take
over from here.


On Nov 29, 12:16 pm, Karl Groves <k...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
"Tom" <klenw...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote innews:1164830182.439220.189140@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:

uncomment the last line:

//print("<pre>$msg</pre>");That line is just a debug line I put there to see the message printed. It
is done *after* the mail is sent, so that doesn't solve my problem

Also, unless you have other reasons for writing your own code here,
you might check out something phpmailer. It may help save you from
reinventing the wheel.This is actually going into another pre-existing script, so the wheel was
already reinvented.