Re: -> PHP4 Singleton implementation question <-

Sanders Kaufman wrote:
Steve JORDI wrote:

Yes, that did it! THANKS!!!
I didn't know that session_start() was also used to resume a session.
I thought that having it once was enough, but as you said, the web
being a stateless environment...
Wow, now I know that, it seems logical :-)

I've had such problems figgering this out, I resorted to writing my own session handling. Getting this down would *seriously* cut back on the number of lines of code I have to write!

It *resumes* a session?!
If I put a bunch of values into session variables, how do I get those back with the resumed session... and how do I make sure I resumed the right session?

Just call session_start() on every page that uses sessions. PHP ensures the correct session id is used again.

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