Re: isset(), undefined variables, and null


No... !isset($Foo) determines if $Foo is ok to evaluate.

When I say "safe to evaluate", I mean it in exactly the
sense of the the first sentence of the original post:

Is there a way to tell whether accessing a variable will
result in an "Undefined variable" E_NOTICE?


$dump = array_key_exists('Foo',$GLOBALS) ? var_dump($Foo)
: 'Not safe to evaluate.';

should be what you're looking for, No?

Doesn't work if $Foo is local. The get_defined_vars()
solution upthread does exactly what I what I was seeking,
despite its kluginess. So does your error_get_last() idea
mentioned downthread (this is a variation on my solutions
from the original post).

I'd like to see how your using this...

Oh, I'm not using it; I just realized that isset()'s
behavior is, IMHO, broken, and I was curious if there was
something that did what I thought isset() should do. (In
the actual situation that inspired my curiosity, I wanted to
know whether it was safe to evaluate $Foo['Bar'], but
array_key_exists('Bar', $Foo) works fine for that.)




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