Re: Eclipse PHP IDE - 3 nagging questions

On 4 Lip, 15:02, Michael Fesser <neti...@xxxxxx> wrote:

I've just installed Eclipse and PDT and I'm getting familiar without
major problems but I'm stuck with 3 issues:

1. do you know any plugin that would let me convert " to \" in
selected text? (or enclose selection with braces, I mean basic
convertions that you use often in php when working with html tags)

A simple search and replace should do that, but in this special case
it's not really necessary. You can use single quotes as well to delimit
your HTML attributes.

Thanks for the hint. I'm also installing Aptana so maybe it's going to
be even easier;)

2. how do I install Zend debugger? (I downloaded the plugin 'enabling
debbuging' from zend but probrably the server plugin too...?) Is it
worth instaling or maybe a better choice is Xdebug?

Check out

Using PDT : Installation : Installing the Zend Debugger

Using PDT : User Guide : PHP Source Level Debugging

I've finally managed to instal Zend - thanks for the urls. I did
everything according to the instructions however still I have some

If I'm right when I want to debug a script I have to create a

One more question: I tried with single pages as well as whole projects
but execution doesn't stop on breakpoints...hmm The whole page with
included scripts is generated from top to bottom, ignoring toggled
breakpoints. Would you have idea what I'm doing wrong?

And when I open project files from PHP Explorer panel they cannot be
edited, just viewed. I have to open files included in the project
manually through 'open file'. Then I can edit them.

3. how do I safely remove plugins that I don't need? AFAI there are
eg. tools for developing Java apps. I would like to slim my Eclipse as
much possible to speed it up.

You can disable plugins in the configuration manager, but be aware that
PDT requires _a lot_ of them. A fresh Eclipse installation is quite
small already, I don't think you can slim it even more.


I switched off several plugins concerning mainly java. Seems it is a
bit lighter now. I also got info on another forum to configure Eclipse
in general not only plugins, i.e.
turn off the "Build Automatically" on startup for example.

Thanks for thoughtful help