Re: Locking threads

Jim wrote:

I'm developing a CMS and I'd like to be able cache the site "tree" in
a multi-dimensional array in shared memory (far too many sql calls
otherwise). When someone adds an item in the tree I need to be able to
read in the array from shared memory, add the new item, then write it
back to shared memory.....all in one atomic action.

I've done plenty of research and short of using something like
eaccelerator or mmcache I'm stuck with PHP semaphores which even then
don't appear to be thread safe, only process safe (correct me if I'm
wrong) - and then I'm restricted to *nix systems.

Is there any way to create a method of doing the above which will work
on *nix and Windows, whether it's multi-threaded or single-threaded?




Use a database. There are dozens around which use databases; if implemented properly they can be quite efficient.

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