Re: Framework, which one?

bermiferrer schreef:
On Jul 21, 7:51 pm, "Giovanni R." <leonida1...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Since now, I've always used my bunch of code to make new applications.

I'd like to start to use a framework.
According to you, which is the best PHP framework at the moment?


See <> for "Advanced PHP Programming".
See <> for "Ajax in Practice".
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It seems that you're looking for a MVC PHP framework and not a Library
like others are suggesting.

I recommend you to have a look to,, and All them are MVC
frameworks based on conventions that follow the DRY philosophy and are
heavily influenced by Ruby on Rails.

There's a new trend in the Ruby on Rails community: Extended scaffolding. Mike Perham wrote an article titles "Turbocharge Ruby on Rails with ActiveScaffold" on IBM Developerworks about it. ActiveScaffold has already got 36.000 downloads. PHP developers don't need to wait for it to be ported to PHP. PhpPeanuts has been doing extended scaffolding since its very first beta release in march 2004 (that's right, that is *before* the first Rails beta on ruby force). PhpPeanuts has been designed for this right from the start and has been accumulating experience with it while others where busy cloning Rails. You can download it right now at

Henk Verhoeven,

(To find a link to the article on IBM Developer works, follow the 'Ruby on Rail' link on our homepage)

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