Re: fopen - append works, write fails (but file is truncated)

On 2007-07-27, Hans Fredrik Nordhaug wrote:
I'm trying to write to a file in the current directory - no remote
files. The subject says it all - I can add that both the directory
and the file is wordwritable. This happens on a (quite good) free
hoster in Norway which doesn't use safe mode, running PHP 5.1.6 as the
PHP info below shows ...

Test it at: (write - fails) (append - ok) - PHP info - source code of test script.

I have searched the web and usenet, but not found this problem
mentioned before. I do realize that I can work around the problem by
truncating the file first and then appending to the empty file - but
that is ugly as ...

Regards, Hans

Just some additional information:

If I delete the file I'm trying to write to, fopen with w mode creates
the file (with owner "nobody") and no errors occurs after that.
Apperently PHP is able to write to the file when it's owned by
"nobody" with permission 644, but not when it's owned by the user
"moldevbk" with permission 666. This is something I would expect to
happen if safe mode was on, but it's not. Append mode works in both
situation. The file is also truncated by the write fopen call in both

What is going?


PS! I have contacted the hoster - I'll let you know if they have
some explanation/solution to the issue.