Re: Changes for PHP5 ?

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I'm trying out my local copy of a site that uses php4, mysql,apache2.
moved it from a php4 machine to a php5 machine, and it doesn't work at
now. A couple of other php4 sites I've moved, which are straight php and
not use mysql are working fine though. So it seems that the mysql php
interface maybe the problem.
Are there any site/docs which cover the differences between php4 and
and likely problems that may occur, particularly with mysql ?

Sorry, my crystal ball is in getting repaired so I am totally unable
to see any of the error messages that you are getting which would help
me to give context to "it doesn't work at all".

Maybe someone else's crystal ball is operational and the'll be able to
help you.

The reason I can't give any error info as such is that there is nothing in
the apache logs. I cant find a php error log (as far as I know php adds the
errors to the apache server log).
Al I see in a browser is mostly a black screen, with some php code
displayed, and a few html items. Hence why I'm asking what changed in phph5
particularly with mysql so I could get a clue from that direction. I have
two other virtual sites using the apache/php setup, and one using mysql as
well that work fine. But this site breaks badly.- Hide quoted text -

- Show quoted text -

When I said Error Messages, I mean it to include what you are seeing
anywhere, that gives some context to the statement "it doesn't work at
all". Such a stament without anything else is as useful as a chocolate

Now the fact that you ar eseeing a "black" screen is interesting.
where are you seeing this? Is it in an operator console or in a
browser? If it is in the browser then, since a browser's default
background colour is usually white, something is sending some HTML/CSS
to change the background colour.

Now you also say that you are seeing some php code. So "it doesn't
work at all" now seems to have the context of "some HTML is getting
sent, but my php code isn't gettign interpreted". See how giving some
basic information about your problem makes a difference?

Are you by any chance using the short tags <?= ... ?>

If so you need to explicitly enable this feature.

If this is not the problem, maybe you could post the source of the
page that you are seeing (assuming it is in a browser) so that we can
see what is actually being sent.