Re: mcrypt_encrypt giving different results for same input?

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on one call I get the encrypted string, "ë;jéøÕG·" and on the other
call, I get "ø34Avýä". What gives?

Thanks, - Dave

I hate to state the obvious, but obviously there is something different between the two. mcrypt_encrypt gives the same output for the same input.

Look for differences in capitalization, '1' (one) instead of 'l' (lower case ell) or 'I' (upper case eye), for instance. It's very easy to do.
well, not necesarily. Maybe it's a chain cypher - and he's not

Although his code sample does say ECB, I don't know what the parameters
mean for this extension function anyway.

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Your posting makes no sense whatsoever. Did you actually try the code?

no, that's why I deliberately used the word "maybe" in my suggestion. No
one else had replied, so I offered a possible suggestion.

So, rather than just leave it be, you made a completely irrelevant comment. Do you just like seeing your name on usenet?

If it were a chain cipher, you would have to follow the same chain to decrypt.

He never mentioned decryption in his post, only the diffrent results of

Gee, encryption isn't much good if you can't decrypt it, is it now?

And before you go off on one-way encryption schemes - those are not encryption methods. They are hashing methods. Encryption by definition is two way.

And a quick test of the code would have shown you this is not a chain cipher.

no, now you're the one who is making no sense. Whether or not it is chained
is internal to the cipher, not to the code that calls it. The difference
would also be apparent (via knowledge of the parameters) if I were a user
of that crypto extension, which I'm not. That's why I also deliberately
said that I don't know what the parameters mean. But the use of ECB does
tend to say it's not chained - which I also deliberately mentioned.

And as I said. Had you tested it, you would have found out it is not a chained cipher.

Remember the old saying. "It is better to be thought an idiot than to open your mouth and remove all doubt."

Also, please don't top post. Thanks.

do you know that some people get irritated over interleaved replies, too?

No, as I said earlier. This group uses bottom posting or interleaved posting. Both are acceptable.

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