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What configuration? I guess that's what I'm asking :-/
PHP configuration. As it seems you have configured it as Apache
module, you should make sure that the shared PGSQL libraries visible
to Apache. (i.e. set a system-wide PATH variable to include the
directory, add that DLL to the system DLL's list in registry (if you
have it on windows), or preload them in httpd.conf (LoadFile
directive) before loading PHP itself.

The last thing might have given some answers.

With the PHP 5.3, the LoadFile gave an error when restarting Apache of "unknown module" (the one it returns on a non-existent file).

Then I downloaded PHP 5.2.6 and PHP 5.2.5 to see what happens with their drivers.
It returned the error of "unknown procedure".

Then I remembered that I was running PHP 5.2.1 before, and gave that a chance.
Guess what, it worked!!?! So now I replaced PHP 5.3 with 5.2.1, and I have it up and functional.

So it was the drivers somehow colliding with Apache afterall?

No, I think it was your mistake in configuration.
You should read manual pages a bit deeper, I suggest...

Here is what I have on my server (Jerry typically unhappy with this solution,
so I apologise for his reaction in advance, but I can't share PHP directory in
PATH as he might suggest)

[C:\]$ cat somewhere\apache\conf\old_sets\php-5.2.2.conf
LoadFile C:/usr/sbin/php-5.2-Win32/libeay32.dll
LoadFile C:/usr/sbin/php-5.2-Win32/ssleay32.dll

LoadFile C:/usr/sbin/php-5.2-Win32/libmysql.dll

LoadFile C:/usr/sbin/php-5.2-Win32/php5ts.dll

LoadModule php5_module "C:/usr/sbin/php-5.2-Win32/php5apache2_2_filter.dll"

<IfModule php5_module>
php_admin_value extension_dir "C:/usr/sbin/php-5.2-Win32/ext"
PHPIniDir "C:/usr/sbin/php-5.2-Win32"

Wrong. You do NOT load mysql and other libraries that Apache itself does not call. This can just cause other problems - like loading the wrong versions of those libaries.

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