Re: PostgreSQL drivers not working?

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AnrDaemon wrote:
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Looks like too much & duplicating stuff, when you take php.ini into
Seriously... read documentation.
There are absolutely no duplications.

Apache loads sql module, then loads php module that loads the same sql

Apache loading shared libraries (MySQL, openSSL, PHP) to make them available
for any modules that need them.
Then Apache calling PHP Apache SAPI module.
It look aroung for php4ts and see it already loaded. "Fine!" though it and
feeding the php5ts with PHPIniDir and it reading the php-<SAPI>.ini file from
there (or default php.ini, if no corresponding SAPI configuration present)
Then it loading MySQL extension, that extension looks for libMySQL.dll and see it
already loaded in application. Same way.

That's how shared libraries work: if you have one loaded, it will be shared
between all modules of your application.

Dear Jerry, if I need to move from one library to another, I will include
other .conf file, with different library set. Obviously.
The "truble" you have mentioned is a "normal" problem of poor-minded computer
user, who don't know, how the program he are using works.
LoadFile intended to use it the way i'm ising it.
Sorry if I ruined your day :(

Yep, the trouble is a problem with a poor-minded computer user (such as
yourself) who unnecessarily complicates matters by loading the same
modules in multiple places.

kk, tell me how to point PHP to specific 3rd party library?

Sincerely Yours, AnrDaemon <anrdaemon@xxxxxxxxxxx>