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Hey, so quick question, what would be a good time to set for execution
time using set_time_limit if I wanted to upload say a 100 mb file. I
know bandwidth and everything is important to know, but maybe if you
could give me a good number that works in any case.
1. set_time_limit has nothing to do with file uploads, unless you are uploading
files from your script (using cURL i.e.)
Refer to the
2. Use FTP for such big files.

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FTP sucks - for lots of reasons. HTTP[s] is a far more sensible
protocol for moving files in either direction. For the best
performance/security use scp or rsync over ssh.


Wrong. FTP is much faster and more efficient when transferring files - because that's what it is specifically designed for.

I would never handle such large files over http - it's missing some good features, such as resume capability. Then there's the conversion of new line characters for text files. And bunches of other things.

And if you want security, there's sftp.

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