Re: prevent the direct link with .httaccess file

BigZero wrote:
Hello ppl,

i have web site that runs on Apache server with php scripts.
i have sub director(folder) pdfs that contains pdf files and i want to
prevent those file from direct accessing.
so i write .htaccess file that to prvent accessing those file directly
for example i have xyz.pdf file
and if write the full address in browser i able to get this file ie
i want prevent this from user if any body enter this path then web
site must take them to login page.

here is my .httacces file that is not working for me[ here it's not
redirect the page but it should not allow user to read file but it's
not working for me the user can read the file by using the full
address of pdf file ]

# Protect all files
<Files ~ "*.pdf" >
Order deny,allow
Deny from all

this .htaccess file in pdfs folder but it allow user to read the file.

All i m looking for is how to redirect the user to login page if he
enters the full address that is then allow him to read or
download the pdf file


as Jerry as already pointed out its not really a php problem.
ok I'm gonna point you a direction..

you COULD use .htaccess .htpasswd

do google's of : .htaccess php password
and :.htaccess .htpasswd

you COULD use mysql authenticated .htaccess and have php administer the database. then users would use their user/pass when accessing protected folders.

You MAY be tempted , after reading about .htaccess authentication , to make one .htpassword and tell everyone to use


but thats a BAD, LAZY way of doing it . your users could pass the auth details along to other people.

Go talk to someone in a apache forum/newsgroup for more info on ..htaccess authentication MAINLY mysql so you can tie in with a php interface. MOST users won't care if they have to retype their user pass for a "secure" section. if they complain just tell them that is for security.

Once you have done that come back when have PHP code that not working.
We will be happy to look at it and give you some pointers


OK OK here is a spoon fed link
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