Re: registering doesn't work anymore.....

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Hi All,
sorry for the long post but I created a registering page which all
of a sudden doesn't work anymore.
WTF does "doesn't work anymore" mean?
I have no idea where to start.
Neither do I. If you were to pay my standard rate per hour though
maybe I would find a place to start. It would take several hours and
the majority of that would be a complete re-write of the whole lot,
expecially that last century HTML stuff
Maybe someone can help me out:
Nope. Next question...
<snip piles an piles of code>
Never mind I fixed it.
Never mind I ignored your answwer and I shall ignore any more questions you
might post here.

Bloody goolge groper.

Wow you really are offended.
Get a life man.

No, you need to learn how to ask intelligent questions on usenet.
Posting all that HTML and then just saying "it doesn't work" is NOT the
way to get a good answer.

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Jerry Stuckle
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you're right it was just that I was a little bit desperate.
Maybe it's the tone that makes the music.
Thank you Jerry