Re: registering doesn't work anymore.....

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Co wrote:
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Co wrote:
Hi All,

sorry for the long post but I created a registering page which all
of a sudden doesn't work anymore.

WTF does "doesn't work anymore" mean?

I have no idea where to start.

Neither do I. If you were to pay my standard rate per hour though
maybe I would find a place to start. It would take several hours and
the majority of that would be a complete re-write of the whole lot,
expecially that last century HTML stuff

Maybe someone can help me out:

Nope. Next question...

<snip piles an piles of code>


Never mind I fixed it.

Never mind I ignored your answwer and I shall ignore any more questions you
might post here.

Bloody goolge groper.

Wow you really are offended.
Get a life man.