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Thanks Flamer for repling my post
i have "pacman " package-manage it shows me
"Targets (1): php-5.2.9-3"

Total Download Size:    8.68 MB
Total Installed Size:   24.12 MB

what do u think about this?.

Looks good, but you should be a little more experimenting, if you ever
want to learn PHP ;-).

Just install the thing. If you want to use it in a webapplication (I
assume you do, considering you experience with dynamic webpages), you
will also want a http server such as Apache.

The best way, btw, is getting help in an 'archlinux' group, or
mailinglist. They will be able to help you with the gory details of
installing the whole thing on your computer.

Good luck, and have fun!

Bart Blogt Beter:

Thnks Bart ;-)