Re: Uploading to SFTP server

Bart Friederichs wrote:

Daniel Smedegaard Buus wrote:

Well, I mean exactly that, SSH+FTP, i.e. using SSH to tunnel FTP
operations through. rcp uses SSH to protect RPCs to perform disk
operations across a network, i.e. in order to use rcp, I'd have to be
granted shell access to the server, not just FTP access.

No, you could also just grant file transfer access:

I can see I haven't previously included all information about the situation,
sorry about that. The situation is that I do not have control over this
server, I'm operating as a client here. My company is using a service
provided by this other company, and we have to operate within their existing
infrastructure which is an FTP server protected by SSH. No possibility for
me to do *anything* on the server besides using the supplied FTP storage.

That would be preferable, but would also mean I'd have to have that kind
of control over the remote server, which isn't the case. I'm not allowed
to upload public RSA keys to the server, and thus I'm stuck with
interactive authentication :)

Wait a second. You are allowed to send arbitrary files,

Yes, it's just FTP access, nothing else.

but not some
keys? Note they are stored in the user's home dir.

Not my box, I have to operate within the bounds of the setup provided by the
server :).

Big thanks to both you and Colin for your time :)

All is well :)