Re: Fatal error not in error_log

On Apr 22, 2:32 pm, Michael Fesser <neti...@xxxxxx> wrote:
.oO(Henrik Gemal)

On my production server I have:
In PHP.ini:
       error_reporting  =  E_ALL
       display_errors = Off
       log_errors = On
       error_log = "\phperror.log"

Consider the following PHP code and memcache ISN'T installed:
$memcache = new Memcache;

On my Development server which is running with display_errors = On I
Fatal Error: Class "Memcache" not found...
The error in shown to the user and logged in my phperror.log. Which is

if I copy that file to my production server I'm just presented with a
blank page (which is correct) but the error isn't recorded in
phperror.log (which is wrong)

Am I doing something wrong?

Maybe a permissions problem? Does the webserver have write access to the
error log and the directory where it is stored? You can also try it with
display_errors = On (only for debugging, of course).


I'm on Windows so no permission problem. If I run it with
display_error=on the error get's logged