Re: PHP 5.3 / IIS 6.0 - Errors using POST

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Graham Drabble wrote:

I've downloaded PHP 5.3.0 for Windows and installed it on Windows
2003Server with IIS 6.0 using FastCGI (I've simply downloaded the
PHP exe and run it choosing the CGI option).

When using HTTP GET everything works fine however when using HTTP
POST I get 405 errors. I've spent a lot of time on Google for
this but most seems to be aimed at the ISAPI connection which
isn't being used any more.

Anyone come across this or have any ideas?

it looks like your IIS does not allow POST.
Check your IIS configuration and also have a look at this:

Thanks for the ideas. Unfortunately I can't see a problem with the
IIS config (not exactly sure where to look but can't find anything
obvious). URLScan is not installed, the web server is in a secure

Graham Drabble