Re: which is faster, php or javascript?

On 29 Jan 2010, Erwin Moller

Jerry Stuckle schreef:
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Thanks guys.

Erwin makes mental note: "Upward force".
Why don't you guys all learn Dutch? ;-)

I wouldn't mind learning Dutch.

Erwin Moller

Are you kidding, Erwin? German was hard enough! :)

Sprechen sie ein bisschen deutsch?

Sorry, minor nitpick: "sie" needs to be capitalized here,
otherwise it means "they". Alternatively, you might use the less
formal "du".

Erwin Moller <-- I barely speak german, even though my name
might suggest that. ;-)

I'm nowhere near fluent, I just happen to remember a few details
from the class I took in high school. :-)

Curtis Dyer
<? $x='<? $x=%c%s%c;printf($x,39,$x,39);?>';printf($x,39,$x,39);?>