Re: Need help with simple script ?

On 1/6/2011 9:05 PM, leepincat wrote:
A scripting person I'm not but, I imagine someone could whip this kind
of thing out
with little effort.

Here's the description:

1. Code must compile/run without errors
2. It takes arguments for: timeout, url, expected_response_code,
3. The script performs an HTTP GET for the url
4. If the HTTP response code matches the expected_response_code the
script will exit with status code 0
5. If the HTTP response code doesn't match exit with a nonzero status
code and print an error
6. If the HTTP GET either times out or fails in another way
refused, etc.) retry until retry count is exhausted
7. If all retries are exhausted without a success, print a message
to STDERR and exit with a non-zero status code.

Any help greatly appreciated - Donna

What have you tried so far?

We're not going to do your homework for you.

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