Re: Lookup zip by IP address

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Can anyone recommend any free software for (roughly)
looking up a zip code by IP address?  It only has to  work
in the continental US.  I tried this that I found through
Google --
.  But it hasn't worked for me, probably because the
database doesn't have that many entries.

Thanks, - Dave

Unless you know you can get to the user's ACTUAL IP address and not just
that of his server, something I doubt you can do, it'll never work for you.
Most ISPs cover larger geographic areas than just one zip. My ISP for
instance is 120 miles south of me, in a different zip,  and it covers, at a
quickl glance, at least 14 zips. And the ISP is as far as you're going to
get with an IP. You need the IP of the USER, which the ISPs will not give

No you are totally wrong. You do get the IP of the user, but it will
be registered to the ISP's address.