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I'm looking a solutions dotmatrix printer solution for php.
I need print a form or invoice to dotmatrix printer in browser.


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Your best bet is probably to create a pdf and print that.

If it is going to a *web browser*, just send simple HTML (eg, not fun
and games with iframes and whatnot), include a .css file with '@media
print' rules. All major web browser know how to print a web page to
whatever passes as the local printer. So long as the stylesheet's
'@media print' rules are reasonably generic and don't play excessive
games with fonts and so long as the page to be printed is not 'colorful'
and is without images, it should be possible for the web browser to send
it to any sort of printer without too much trouble and with a reasonable
faithfulness to the formatting.

Simply because different browsers and different printers will print the same file different ways. HTML is, after all, only a *guide*.

If you want to ensure it prints in the way you want it to (as in an invoice), pdf is the way to go. It doesn't suffer those problems.

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