Re: Including PHP scripts on same server

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Why does it matter. If you're that concerned about speed of execution,
why are you using php in the first place? You should code your site in

That's actually a very good question. If I were a better C programmer,
I probably would :-)


I am above anything else a C programmer. In fact, my first approach to web development was a set of C programs that ran as CGI.

It is fine if you host your own domain, but with many hosting providers, allowing your own binaries to run is some sort of anathema.

With most OSs, the most consuming operations in file handling are "opens", so, yes, it is likely that splitting a large file into several small units will add a significant overhead to your script's execution time.

But if one compares the development time required to navigate and maintain a large source file against the time required to open the specific file with the specific functions that you have to work with, it is likely that the overall life cycle of your program will improve by using simpler, smaller units.

"Overhead", with modern equipment and OSs, may be safely neglected except in the most critical applications.