Re: Why does relative include fail?

On 6/11/2011 9:00 PM, Disc Magnet wrote:
disc@puff:~/php$ ls
a.php data include

disc@puff:~/php$ tree
├── a.php
├── data
│ └── d.php
└── include
├── b.php
└── c.php

2 directories, 4 files

disc@puff:~/php$ cat a.php
a.php is including include/b.php ...
<?php include "include/b.php" ?>

disc@puff:~/php$ cat include/b.php
b.php is including c.php and ../data/d.php ...
<?php include "c.php" ?>
<?php include "../data/d.php" ?>

disc@puff:~/php$ cat include/c.php

disc@puff:~/php$ cat data/d.php

disc@puff:~/php$ php a.php
a.php is including include/b.php ...
b.php is including c.php and ../data/d.php ...
PHP Warning: include(../data/d.php): failed to open stream: No
such file or directory in /home/disc/php/include/b.php on line 3
PHP Warning: include(): Failed opening '../data/d.php' for
inclusion (include_path='.:/usr/share/php:/usr/share/pear') in /home/
disc/php/include/b.php on line 3

Why does `include "c.php"` succeed but `include "../data/d.php"` fail? mentions: "If a path
is defined — whether absolute (starting with a drive letter or \ on
Windows, or / on Unix/Linux systems) or relative to the current
directory (starting with . or ..) — the include_path will be ignored
altogether. For example, if a filename begins with ../, the parser
will look in the parent directory to find the requested file. "

Parent directory of what?

In addition to what Mathieu said, a better way is to always use paths relative $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']. This will end up as an absolute path on the server, but always relative the same point - the document root specified in your server configuration.

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