Re: Magic quotes? Should I still be cautious?

Jerry Stuckle, 2012-01-11 15:51:

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Jerry Stuckle, 2012-01-08 21:59:

I do other things also, but don't want to get into too much detail in a
public forum.

"Security by obscurity" does not work. If your security only relies on
the fact, that you try to keep the procedures or code a secret, it is

No, security by obscurity does not work. But that does not mean one
should broadcast to the world everything he does.

Of course it is not neccessary to publish every detail about the
procedures to avoid spam, attacks etc. - but some basic procedures
should be discussed in public, since you might often think you are
"secure" but you just didn't see the flaws in your procedures yet.

For example: I use SpamAssassin and do greylisting on my server. If i
would get less spam just because i keep this information a secret then
SpamAssassin itself and greylistign should be considered useless.

In your opinion, anyway. Security experts (which I don't claim to be -
but know several) disagree. There is no reason to draw a map to your
house even if the door is locked.

Well - usually you don't need to draw a map to a house, since maps of
most areas in the world already exist. Did you mean "no reason to
publish the address of a house..."? But where does this end... "no
reason to do let anyone even know you exist at all?" *scnr*

Concerning PHP: Code is not more secure, just because it is closed
source. I don't think, that any security expert will tell the opposite.

Arno Welzel