DBG Debugger and Nusphere

From: tan (tan_at_singnet.com.sg)
Date: 01/09/04

Date: Fri, 9 Jan 2004 18:58:20 +0800

Have installed Nusphere, PHP4, Apache 1.3, mysql and running MRBS system..
I can log-in the Website and run MRBS but I have a problem authenticate
MRBS when I use redirecting web service from cjb.net. Was thinking to debug
the problem using Nusphere.. but I have a problem... whenever I assessed
the web site, I got this message

"BG.. failed to start debug session. Reason. failed to establish
connection to client address".. the web server was behind a
router which I have configure correctly as I was able to log-in the server
from internet externally..any clue to resolve ? much appreciated