Re: Apache - Previewing Pages with Dreamweaver

From: Barry (
Date: 01/21/04

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    Date: Wed, 21 Jan 2004 17:03:21 +0000

    I'm assuming you are using Dreamweaver MX or 2004.

    In Dreamweaver go to the Sites menu and choose Edit Sites.

    Choose the site you have set up and click Edit.

    In the left-hand panel of the Site Definition window choose Testing Server

    Choose PHP MySQL as the Server Model, Access Local/Network.

    Click the folder next to Testing Server Folder and navigate to and
    select the Home directory of the Apache server.

    In URL Prefix enter: http://localhost or

    That should do it. You won't be able to preview PHP scripted pages until
    you have installed PHP.

    Freedomware wrote:

    > Well, I downloaded Apache and PHP, installed Apache, and was had a
    > bunch of questions to ask - until I tested Apache and discovered it's
    > already working!
    > I go into Start Programs, then click Control Apache Server > Start,
    > and the little black window opens. I click <ESC> to close it.
    > But before I wade through all the documentation, I thought I might
    > speed things up by cutting to the chase. My first goal is to be able
    > to preview web pages made with Dreamweaver on my new Apache server.
    > Then I'll install PHP and get it up and running.
    > In preparation for using Apache/PHP, I began listing PHP/MySQL as the
    > testing server in my site definitions. (Apache isn't listed as a choice.)
    > That screwed things up immediately, but I could access my pages by
    > simply accessing a web page I created with links to all the websites
    > on my computer.
    > Now that I have Apache installed, I need to figure out what I have to
    > fix in either Apache or Dreamweaver so that I can preview pages
    > directly in Dreamweaver.
    > The URL prefix for each of my defined websites is http://localhost/
    > I just discovered that if I try to preview the home page of a website
    > that has NOT been defined, I get the following message:
    > "To preview pages containing server-side code, you need a testing
    > server. Would you like to specify one now?"
    > If I go through the process, choosing PHP/MySQL, I get an error
    > message. But if I cancel out of the process, the page defaults to the
    > correct URL, such as file:///C:/sites/geobop/index.php or
    > file:///C:/sites/geobop/index.php
    > So here are three questions:
    > 1. Do I need to fix something in Dreamweaver or Apache?
    > 2. When everything's correctly set up, should the URL's of web pages
    > on my computer begin with file:///C:/sites/ or "localhost"?
    > 3. Since my testing server is PHP/MySQL, does that mean I won't be
    > able to preview my pages at all until I've also installed PHP?
    > Thanks.

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