Re: [PHP] Function returning but continues execution

# david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx / 2007-01-22 15:31:55 +0000:
Roman Neuhauser wrote:
# david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx / 2007-01-22 15:17:16 +0000:
The key is that the function is returning false but it continues to
execute! If I stick in an exit; after the in_array() check at point #4,
this doesn't happen. There are no other places where this function is
called, and it is only called once.

Strangely, if I force the values of the 2 variables
before the in_array() check:

$_SESSION['user']['friends'] = array(0 => 3);
$friend['user_id'] = 3;

it reacts as expected - the function returns false and no further code
is executed.

Anyone have any suggestions?

You have a bug somewhere in your code.

I can't see how there is a bug in my code if when I echo the contents of
the 2 variables, they are exactly the same as when I set them manually.
Except in the former the function "continues executing" but in the
latter it doesn't.

I also cannot see how the function can return false and execute the SQl
query when it is only called once.

You have presented no proof that there's a bug in the PHP. What you
have presented looks like you have a bug, and the function gets called
more than once. Have you used a debugger? See

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