RE: [PHP] To many connections error message

Hi Pinter:
Look at your php.ini file for the sentence
error_reporting = E_ALL
this mean that your server shut to your browser any error or warning that it
found in your php code. You must go to your php.ini and change that sentence
for any that disables all warnings.
You can use for example a combination of next:
E_ERROR - fatal run-time errors
E_WARNING - run-time warnings (non-fatal errors)
E_PARSE - compile-time parse errors
E_NOTICE - run-time notices (these are warnings which often result
from a bug in your code, but it's possible that it was
intentional (e.g., using an uninitialized variable and
relying on the fact it's automatically initialized to an
empty string)
E_STRICT - run-time notices, enable to have PHP suggest changes
to your code which will ensure the best
and forward compatability of your code
E_CORE_ERROR - fatal errors that occur during PHP's initial startup
E_CORE_WARNING - warnings (non-fatal errors) that occur during PHP's
initial startup
E_COMPILE_ERROR - fatal compile-time errors
E_COMPILE_WARNING - compile-time warnings (non-fatal errors)
E_USER_ERROR - user-generated error message
E_USER_WARNING - user-generated warning message
E_USER_NOTICE - user-generated notice message

An example:
this shows only all error types.

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Chris írta:
Pintér Tibor wrote:
@, or ask your hoster to disable display_errors

That can be done in the script ;)

ini_set('display_errors', false);

Sure it can, but its a lame host that enables displaying of errors by
default, thats why I advised to ask them to disable it globally :)

btw: Although display_errors may be set at runtime (with *ini_set()*
<>), it won't have any
affect if the script has fatal errors. This is because the desired
runtime action does not get executed.


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