Re: [PHP] 500 server error

On Thu, May 31, 2007 2:10 pm, blueboy wrote:
my .htacces file only contains 2 lines

allowoverride all
php_flag display_errors on

I get a 500 server error, any ideas?

Check Apache error_log to be sure, and ask on Apache mailing list...

But I will point out that:

The purpose of AllowOverride in httpd.conf is to define what is
allowed to be over-ridden in .htaccess

If AllowOverride worked in .htaccess, then that gives the power to
decide what to override in .htaccess to the people who can edit

That makes the whole purpose of AllowOverride moot, as now the end
user can override what they are allowed to override and then override
what they weren't supposed to be able to overrirde in the first place.

Thus, I'm going to go out on a limb here, and without actually reading
Apache docs, nor your error_log file, I will predict that
AllowOverride is not allowed within .htaccess :-)

I don't think AllowOverride has any bearing on php_value or php_flag
at all... But maybe it needs to be set in httpd.conf to have +Options
or somesuch...

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