Re: [PHP] php framework vs just php?

My clients benefit downstream whenever I add to my framework. A problem
solved two years ago is a problem still solved today, and I don't need
to copy and paste into their project and thus maintain multiple versions
of the same solution.

i am quite new in php. i only spent about 3 year playing with PHP. And what
you just
said about the 2 years old code still solved problem today. well it is true.
but i have a
different opinion based on my own experience.

i always found better solutions for old problem. For example, during PHP4
age, i have to
use XMLParser class ( to parse xml
file, while
in PHP5.. there is SimpleXML. And another example is mysqli prepared query.

Framework is complicated to me. It is easier to work with just php and it is
more straight forward. I have to dig deep into the framework documentation
because few hack to make it be able to work on all PHP version (backward
compatible) and AFAIK, no many framework out there support mysqli prepared
query (maybe it does, but it takes some time before someone implement thus
function without breaking the code backward compatiblity).

Backward compatible framework make the code so damn hard to debug and it
hurt eyes to see many cryptic code. And of course it takes some time to
understand what
a line of code does (fair enough since the framework coder takes years to
Newbie like me will take twice the time, to understand and modify that

But, i agree, for productivity framework saves a lot of time. Then again, it
is easier and faster to use the drag-and-drop php code feature in macromedia
mx (no need to learn html and
not too much php)..

i still can't convince myself to use framework ;(