Re: [PHP] PHP 4.4.9 Released!

Long live PHP4 *meheheheheh*


On Thu, 2008-08-07 at 22:47 +0200, Derick Rethans wrote:

The PHP development team would like to announce the immediate
availability of PHP 4.4.9. It continues to improve the security and the
stability of the 4.4 branch and all users are strongly encouraged to
upgrade to it as soon as possible. This release wraps up all the
outstanding patches for the PHP 4.4 series, and is therefore the last
PHP 4.4 release.

Security Enhancements and Fixes in PHP 4.4.9:

* Updated PCRE to version 7.7.
* Fixed overflow in memnstr().
* Fixed crash in imageloadfont when an invalid font is given.
* Fixed open_basedir handling issue in the curl extension.
* Fixed mbstring.func_overload set in .htaccess becomes global.

A separate release announcement is also available. For changes in PHP
4.4.9 since PHP 4.4.8, please consult the PHP 4 ChangeLog.

Release Announcement:

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