Re: [PHP] Passing variables between pages

At 8:31 PM +0100 9/20/08, Nathan Rixham wrote:
Am I missing something here..?

Yes. You are missing the point.

This is exactly the same; you don't need $_SESSION's in this case because all you're doing is POST'ing the data every time..

And that's what you are missing -- it's not continued POSTing!

Follow closely,

While I'm using a Submit Post button to go from this script to the next script I am NOT sending any data via the POST. To prove it, use FF and see what's passed.

All data is passed/available to the next script because the next script is an include.

For example, this parent script has the variable:

$test = "This is a test";

And the next script (either a.php, or b.php, or c.php -- your choice) simply echo's $test.

Please note, the contents of the variable $test was NOT passed via a POST, but rather retained because the parent script included the next script.

Do you see the difference?

Here's another example presenting the same technique in a different way:

All the variables remain intact AND there is nothing in the REQUEST, SESSION nor COOKIE arrays.

I have a hard time trying to get people to understand this simple concept. It's so simple that people often overlook how powerful it is.

For example, with a little forethought, I think there isn't a script I've written that I could not have used this technique and dispensed with SESSION's all together. That's pretty powerful, don't you think?

Do you understand what I'm doing now?

no ill-intention meant.

That's Okay -- I realize you meant no ill-intent.

Neither do I -- I realize that occasionally simple concepts are hard for you smarter guys to get because you have to dumb down a lot to consider what we're talking about. But I think it's an interesting concept to consider.