Re: [PHP] 1 last error to fix before the application is done!

Jason Pruim schreef:
Good morning everyone!

I think I might be having a "to early in the morning/not enough
caffeine" moment... But I am down to 1 error on my timecard application
that I would like to clean up. It's a small undefined index error, and
the program works jsut fine the way it is, but why leave an error if you
don't need to? :)

Here is the error:

[Tue Oct 14 08:19:47 2008] [error] PHP Notice: Undefined index:
userInfo in
on line 22

and here is the relevant code:

======> Line 22 if($_SESSION['userInfo']['loggedin'] == TRUE) {

if(isset($_SESSION['userInfo']['loggedin']) && $_SESSION['userInfo']['loggedin'] == TRUE) {


now go and walk the plank.