Re: [PHP] Re: PHP causing Script: '/usr/www/...' in httpd-error.log?

robert arnesson schreef:
A. There is no more to the log
B. There are no calls to error_log()

PHP is installed as CGI, I will check the ScriptLog dir (good tip!).

I forgot to mention that this occurres on a few php-files only.. the rest is
working fine. And there are no major differences between the files that show
up in the log compared to the ones that don't. I have checked the files them
selfs over and over.. they are working as expected.

check the contents of those few scripts for a line that looks something like:


ie the log messages are done on purpose for tracing purposes... mostly likely
just some debug cruft left in the code by mistake.



On Sun, Nov 23, 2008 at 7:07 PM, Nathan Rixham <nrixham@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

robert arnesson wrote:

What is causing these errors?

further thought.. is PHP installed as CGI or SAPI? if CGI have you checked
the apache settings to see if the ScriptLog directive is on any where?