PAR problems Win32 (Can't Spawn, line 372) (solved)

From: John Bokma (
Date: 11/29/04

Date: 29 Nov 2004 20:55:22 GMT

ASPerl: v5.8.3 built for MSWin32-x86-multi-thread

I installed PAR today. I downloaded PAR-0.85.tar.gz

Used ppm to install Module::ScanDeps, Parse::Binary, Win32::Exe,
nmake test
nmake install

Since it didn't find parl, I read the FAQ:

Used bribes:

ppm> upgrade -install PAR
PAR 0.75: new version 0.85 available in bribes
Upgrade 'PAR' version 0.75 in ActivePerl
Downloaded 778464 bytes.
Extracting 22/22: blib/arch/auto/PAR/.exists
Successfully upgraded PAR version 0.75 in ActivePerl
ppm> quit

After many attempst, I kept getting 0.75, so I did the following:

ppm> install
Install 'PAR-Dist' version 0.07 in ActivePerl
Downloaded 6561 bytes.
Extracting 19/19: blib/lib/PAR/
Installing C:\Perl\html\site\lib\PAR\Dist.html
Installing C:\Perl\site\lib\PAR\
Successfully installed PAR-Dist version 0.07 in ActivePerl

ppm> install
Install 'File-Temp' version 0.12 in ActivePerl
Downloaded 21438 bytes.
Extracting 5/5: blib/arch/auto/File/Temp/.exists
Installing C:\Perl\html\site\lib\File\Temp.html
Installing C:\Perl\site\lib\File\
Successfully installed File-Temp version 0.12 in ActivePerl
Install 'PAR' version 0.85 in ActivePerl
Downloaded 852069 bytes.
Extracting 61/61: blib/script/tkpp.bat
Installing C:\Perl\html\bin\par.html

[ ... ]

Installing C:\Perl\bin\tkpp
Installing C:\Perl\bin\tkpp.bat
Successfully installed PAR version 0.85 in ActivePerl

Seems to work :-D I guess you can jump to the part after the "many
attempts". No idea what I did wrong in the first place (probably 12 hrs
perl programming the prev day doesn't help either).

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