Re: Newbie. Use of uninitialized value in print??

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> A. Sinan Unur <1usa@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> five421@xxxxxxxxxxx (Jon Anderson) wrote in
>> news:71322843.0504030136.2e4d01e1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:
>>> Im getting the error "Use of uninitialized value in print at...
>>> line 26, <STDIN> line 1."
>> FYI, that is a warning, not an error.
> Said with a non-petty phrasing!
> Golly, I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy here at the clpmisc lovefest.
> <g>

I wish I had seen your compliment before I went off on a rant in another
message. I might not have done it. I'll try to cancel that one.


Thanks, BTW.


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