Re: Hacking a script (

Thanks Willie and Jim. This version of perl allows globbing so I expected it
to work just fine with the <> operator. But, there are so many differences
between MSWindoze and Unix/Linux systems I thought the developers of this
distribution of perl would accomodate Win32's crippled OS.

"James E Keenan" <jkeen_via_google@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Frank Louden wrote:
> > Hi. Infrequent hacker here.
> >
> > (Originally posted to alt.comp.lang.perl. Not much happening over
> > (OK, then to comp.lang.perl where a kind soul redirected me.)
> >
> > I've spent the last two days trying to hack H. Churchyard's
> > it will work on my WinME PC. I've got lots of hair but I won't have for
> > long.
> You didn't provide a link so I had to google. When I did so, the pages
> I came up with were discussing "htmlchek version 4.0, January 17 1995".
> And this was documentation -- not the code itself.
> While I suspect there are probably readers of this list who are familiar
> with this script, I frankly suspect that better tools have been
> developed in the last ten-and-a-half years. What task are you trying to
> accomplish?
> Jim Keenan


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