Re: How can I download all the FAQ in this usenet

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> "Matt Garrish" <matthew.garrish@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
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>> There is Red Hate (and I've been overcome by the emotion...). Winblows
>> still sums up most programmer's experiences on the platform
> You mean those programmers that are able to shoot their own foot off with
> a
> toy gun that's not loaded. Of course, put them on Linux, and they call it
> Linsux even before they have booted it once.

No, I mean anyone who has tried to serious development work on Windows. If
Windows weren't just a toy platform then cygwin wouldn't be on every
developer's machine in every company I've worked for that's mandated that
all OSes be from Microsoft.

Anyone who claims Linux sucks before booting would be a die-hard fan of
Microsoft like yourself, and probably claims to be a programmer because they
can get by writing VB code in Visual Studio. Red Hate, for your
enlightenment, stems from Red Hat's penchant for slowly adopting a Microsoft
business style: here's our mediocre Linux distro now pay us to use rpm to
get packages that may or may not wreck your system; oh yeah, and we've
decided to drop support! I grew tired of all the failures and having to go
back and build from source (including the kernel), so I tend to recommend
Red Hat about as highly as Microsoft.

But I would suggest taking your Microsoft advocacy somewhere it belongs.
Your crusading of late is horribly off-topic whatever provocation you may
feel exists.