Re: Conflicting children...

"Qi" <qixiangchi@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I try to use 3 children to load data into Oracle dataabase.

Why not Parallel::ForkManager?

> But my script is hanging. I suspect

Don't suspect. Sprinkle warn statements throughout your code to monitor
progress. Where does the progress stop?

Have you ruled out the possibility that your script just reaches a batch
of files which take a really long time to load into Oracle?

> the hanging is caused by writing
> the same logfile by the children.

In the code you posted, only the parent writes to the logfile. The
children do not.

> I can not reproduce it. The hanging happens only occasionally.
> Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
> while (!finished) {
> if ($Processed == 3) {

Since $Processed is never referenced elsewhere, I have to assume it will
never equal 3, and thus this code branch will never execute. Also, you
do not seem to be using strict. Shame on you.


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