Re: [OT] Google Groups: vote for Default quoting

Charlton Wilbur <cwilbur@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>>>>>> "JB" == John Bokma <john@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> JB> Which exclude people working for a company that just firewalls
> JB> some ports, or if your Usenet server is down, and you have an
> JB> urgent post to make. (Been there).
> Not my problem, frankly; they can get their work and their servers to
> behave sensibly, or they can cope with me not reading their posts.
> The only policies that dictate how I spend my time are those of my
> workplace, which compensates me for the inconvenience with money.
> If the Google Groups users were to compensate me for my time at a
> similar hourly rate, however, I would be pleased to remove the block.

*sigh* I only want to make clear that some people have very little options
besides using Google Groups. I live in Mexico, and I have no idea how to
get a Usenet account here if one doesn't have a credit card (I currently
use my Dutch bank account to pay a provider in Germany).

So I am not telling how you should spend your time and how you should get
compensation, what I try to make clear is that because many people
misbehave using Groups Google I consider it unfair to block them all out
just because.

Like I stated in a previous email, a huge percentage of messages in this
group is the same old shit all over (so what else is new). And yes, I
understand the need for filtering, but I think a provider is a bad choice.

I often compare it with dog owners who let their dog shit in public
places. Some say: I don't care, I don't go to the park anyway. Others do
care, even if they don't go to the park. I never liked the close my eyes
and look the other way.

If default quoting on makes less people misbehave when using Google
Groups, I am for it.

Of course YMMV.

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