Re: Simple way to Reverse an Array

"PS" == Peter Sundstrom <peter@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

PS> "Uri Guttman" <uri@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
PS> news:x78xsss01r.fsf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> >>>>> "u" == usenet <usenet@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
u> Jürgen Exner wrote:
>> >> Has been a long time but finally we got a new SAQ (Self Answering
>> >> Question).
u> So has anyone actually let Peter know?
>> i cc'ed him on my previous post in this thread.
>> he tends to be slow to respond or update that page. i had to google to
>> find it and it wasn't even found by google (at least on the front page!)
>> but several others had links to it. it is always an amusing read!

PS> I'm usually pretty quick actually. Keep in mind that my timezone
PS> is GMT-12 and the time the OP's question reached me was 5:20am and
PS> I updated the website at 8:55am (localtime), I'd say that's pretty
PS> good :-)

sorry for the slight insult! :) and i see the updated page now. just
curious, but could you put in the date of each entry? then we could
track when SAQ's get created.

and IIRC when i last emailed you an SAQ i noticed your page hasn't been
updated in a while. maybe i was thinking that and it wasn't your
response time. that just means we don't get enough SAQ's here (or

and at least i didn't pull out my 3rd grade insult dictionary and abuse
you with that! :)


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