Re: facl under Solaris

Anno Siegel wrote:
Steffen Netz <SteffenNetz@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in comp.lang.perl.misc:


how can I get the file-tests to consider the FACL's in Solaris?
In the ExtUtils::Install Module is an test
if (!$nonono && !-w $targetdir) {
warn "Warning: You do not have permissions to " .
"install into $from_to{$source_dir_or_file}"
unless $warn_permissions++;

My targetdir is open only under facl.
Therefore Install fails.

Have you searched CPAN? There's a module Solaris::ACL that should
help. I'd expect that ExtUtils::Install must be told to use it.


Hi Anno,

I have. I installed a patch in my ExtUtils::Install,
but cannot access the shadoww-passwords via getpw*
Therefore, I have my UID hardcoded. Rather bad.
my $acl=getfacl($targetdir);
if (!$nonono && !-w $targetdir && !($acl->users(305) &02 )) {

How is the best way to contact Module-Owner?
Via PM, or is there a newsgroup?